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  • Bio

    John performed songs from his albums Tattoo Train, Acoustic Road Music, and Dog

    House Sessions for live audiences throughout the US and Canada, including San Francisco, Toronto and Boulder before transplanting himself to San Antonio, Texas.

    He has opened for the legendary Albert Collins and the Ice Breakers and other well known artists. His songs currently reach audiences on radio stations such as WYEP 91.3 FM in Pittsburgh and Marin Public radio in California.


    John prioritizes mastering his eclectic techniques, including harmonics with hand percussion and slide guitar. He builds his fan base through energetic live performances of relatable songs not only with an empathetic worldview but also the universal topic of unrequited love offering collective and melodic consolation for all that ails us.


    John immerses himself in a range of genres, including blues, reggae, rock, Latin, and folk. Accompanying his distinct and versatile guitar techniques, John’s sorrowful soul-wrenching blues voice rounds out a notable musical takeaway for listeners.


    For Bookings: 512-956-2525



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  • Originals

    Crazy Moon

    Album Reviews

    Tattoo Train By T. Bogdan

    I'm the kind of listener who appreciates the quality of the music first, and the lyrics second. When I first hit play on John Farley's newest CD, "Tattoo Train," I left the station and went for an enjoyable ride along the musical rails of John's music. The disc opens with "Crazy Moon," a song which musically reminded me of a cross between Willie Nelson and Neil Young, and lyrically it's all John. When I first heard track 2, "Atlas," I said to myself, "I know this song. This is a cover of some good old classic that sits in the back of my memory." But after a few listens I realized, this wasn't a cover, but one of the songs that was on John's debut CD "Free The White Sands," (which I believe might be out of print now). The song IS and should be a classic for years to come. It's one of my favorites for sure (although I must admit I prefer the original version), and is a really great song on both of John's discs. Track 3, "Brazilian Rose" opens with a rain stick and a latin feel, but quickly heats up into an energetic, rocking, anthem telling about the destruction of the rain forest, and hopefully reminding us about the need for its preservation...

    "Song Writer that will grow on you."

    By Listener on December 22, 2007

    I bought this album not knowing what to expect. It's the kinda gambling I like to do; go to the music store and browse, find something that looks interesting and plop down my bucks. Usually I do pretty well and this turned out to be a good album. And it's been growing on me. Some albums are immediate hits, some never make it to my listening cycle and others I'll keep going back to and they eventually strike me. That's what this album does. If you like singer/songwriters with a gritty style and have the patience to delve into the material buy this album.


    By Evie Preston on December 9, 2001

    As an older listener, I enjoyed the synthesis of cool '70s music a la Cat Stephens with unusual instrumental sounds that seem very modern. This is the kind of music you can sit and listen to or file in the background as comfortable "tunes"; each song has an innovative flair, not hard rocking nor old fashioned droning but all very satisfying. There's a classical edge that appeals as being musically mature, the kind of music that should stand the test of time.


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  • Bookings: 512-956-2525

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